Wipe-Out Systems
Chrome/ Aluminum/ Metal Polish
Removes oxidation to a high sheen on: wheels,
Enalmel and Clear Coat painted surfaces, Fiberglass,
Gelcoat, Plexiglas,  Eisenglas, plastics, Lexan, Corian,
Formica, Marble.  And Much More!

Polishes and Removes Oxidation From:
Anodized & Polished Aluminum, Chrome, Stainless
Steel, Titanium, Magnesium, Brass, Copper,  Solid
Silver, Solid Gold, Nickel, Bronze, and more!

Meant to be used with Wipe-Out Polishing Ball
Can be used with Buffer at low speeds or hand use.
Wipe-Out Systems Oxidation Remover 12oz
WIPE-OUT SYSTEMS copyright 2011
Just look what Wipe Out aluminum polish did for this oxidized airplane!
12oz    $35.00
(Applicator & Polishing Ball sold separately)
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