The Story of Wipe-out Systems

For years I have been involved with professional maintenance of aircraft, boats, yachts,
RV's and expensive automobiles.  I have seen many products that were supposed to do a
particular job that just did not measure up to any of the claims!  Yet,  many have received
broad market reception and enjoy nation wide shelf space.

Many of the products I have used were "Professional Products"
not intended for use by the public.  They had their limitations - mainly
their approach was too narrow and safety was a concern.

Through these 8 years, I have assembled what I bring to you today.
WIPE-OUT will set a new standard that has broad application and is intended to simplify
your maintenance needs drastically.  
WIPE-OUT is new to the market and I know of no
other product like it.  
WIPE-OUT can dramatically increase the value and enjoyment of your
RV, boat, automobile and aircraft in just minutes not days.

This product comes as an answer to prayer.  Therefore, I take no credit for it's
development and I give all the Glory to God.

I sincerely thank you for using
WIPE-OUT. I hope you do what I did and experiment with it.  
Use it on as many applications as you can.
Yes, you can sell this product.  I am accepting non-exclusive direct
dealers.  There is many tax benefits to being in business for yourself.  This
product has great profit potential, and it is not available in stores.  Be your
own boss; using these products can build a service income by cleaning
RV's, Boats Automobiles and Aircraft.  This is a cash business, no waiting
for a payday.  If you own an RV and travel you may be able to write off your
expenses and depreciate an RV.  Seek advice of a tax professional.
Thanks and Praise the Lord!
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Since the beginning Wipe Out Products have been trusted by the
finest auto makers.
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Since then Ted Patterson has been on an intense and non stop cross country tour in his
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detailing products.
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